my story

There was a time, sometimes the thought still creeps into mind; that as a girl growing up, I was unworthy to better myself because of where I came from "The Hill District"-an area and it's occupants perceived negatively. I wanted to know why because of where I lived, being black and a girl somehow meant (means) I was unworthy to reach for my dreams. I examined why being a 'girl' was so negative through my photography thesis on Simone Beauvoir's book, The Second Sex, to better understand myself as a woman and the perception of being woman. 

I feel strongly about the growth and empowerment of women, no matter the background, we should be able to dream and strive to become whatever we want to become. The opportunities through education and the ability to give back by teaching and what I have learned, especially as a photographer, has empowered me to document women stories of strength and resilience no matter their background or past. This stemming into a journey of images about worth, love, beauty, man and power within.